Size 0 HPMC vegetarian vegan HPMC capsules Light Green empty capsule for vegetarians vegan


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Size 0 HPMC vegetarian vegan HPMC capsules Light Green empty capsule for vegetarians vegan.

100 pieces per unit.


About this item

  • Pure Capsules Size 0 Light Green Empty Vegan Capsules for Self Fill, Size 0 HPMC Light Green Vegetarian Capsules Vege Capsules — For Human Being –GMO Free, Gluten Free, Kosher Certified .
  • Size 0 vege Light Green capsule, Locked length 21.70mm ,external daimeter cap 7.65mm, body 7.54 mm , 0.68ML, can hold 400mg-800mg depends on powder density .
  • Suit for infill powder or tablet, NOT suit for infill liquid. Capsule size big to small : size 000>size00>size0>size1>size2>size3>size 4>size5
  • Easy to Open Fill and Seal: this capsule contains body and top which is easy to open ,fill and preess to lock you can use a capsule filling device or by hand.
  • BSE Free, GMO Free, Gluten Free, Kosher Certified. Odourless and Tasteless: These gelatin capsules are odourless and tasteless.
  • We are a highly professional empty capsule supplier, and can supply almost all types of empty capsules on the market, including gelatine capsules, HPMC vegetarian capsules, pullulan vegetarian capsules, organic capsules, delay released acid resistant capsules, licaps for oil based liquid, vet capsules, and clinical trail capsules.
  • We have carefully researched and tested more than 20 world-renowned capsule manufacturers. From these, we have selected the top few manufacturers as regular supplier for our capsule brand Pure Capsules
  • Our company acts as a representative for our customers. We select the quality capsule manufacturers, examine their credentials, and negotiate the prices for our members.
  • We supply to many NHS hospatials, like Bedfordshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust,Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust , Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust,University Hospitals Bristol and Weston NHS Foundation Trust ETC.



We have  3 price tiers

1-9, means 1 unit( 100 pieces) -9 units( 900 pieces)

10-99 means 10 units( 1000 pieces) -99 units( 9900 pieces)

100-500 means 100 units( 10000 pieces) -500 units( 50000 pieces)

if you buy 1 unit(100 pieces) to 9 units(900 pieces), each unit (100 pieces) price is £4.97

if you buy 10 unit(1000 pieces) to 99 units(9900 pieces), each unit (100 pieces) price is £2.97

if you buy 100 unit(10000 pieces) to 500 units(50000 pieces), each unit (100 pieces) price is £2.27


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I've been using DR caps from pure capsules for a few years

I have been using the clear DR capsules from pure capsules for three years now. Like many others leaving reviews, I have a chronic UTI and I'm on hiprex and long term antibiotics. In order to protect my stomach I encapsulate all of these drugs in a 000 capsule which fits hiprex and coamoxiclav. The service that Bob and his team gives is first class. Quick to answer emails and the capsules are sent out very quickly.
Date of experience: 4 August 2023

Excellent Delayed Release Capsules Would highly recommend this Company and…

Would highly recommend this Company and their delayed release capsules if you're on long term medication that affects your stomach. My symptoms are much improved and the staff couldn't be more friendly and helpful when processing orders. A truly professional service. Thank you.
Date of experience: 2 August 2023

This company is amazing

This company is amazing. They have acid resistant capsules, which I can put my medication in, and have literally been a life-saver. They are reasonably priced, available to purchase as a individual customer (instead of just being for businesses), and the capsules always arrive in good time. I have never had any issues with this company and highly recommend them.
Date of experience: 14 July 2023

God Send for cUTI long term medication

These have been a god send. My long term medication for CUTI (hiprex and antibiotics) are very difficult to take as harsh on the tummy causing nausea, burning, reflux etc. If i encapsulate them in the enteric coated capsules they don't release until they hit the small intestine so all them nasty side effected no longer happen. Without these i wouldn't be able to stay on my medication and be extremely unwell so I am very grateful these are available!
Date of experience: 1 August 2023