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DR T&T™Patent micrometer pure pearl powder low temperature processed
Price per Unit (100 g): £14.97
Quantity Price
1 - 4 £19.97
5 - 9 £16.97
10 - 49 £15.97
50 - 500 £14.97

More Information

top quality pure patent micrometer pure pearl powder, 2-3.5um, suitable for oral take or cosmetic use. 100g per unit.

1.Select non-nuclear cultivation pearls derived from mussel hyriopsis ; 100% natural essence.
2.U.F.S.I.G. Adopting U.F.S.I.G low temperature processing technique to preserve pearl protein completely , amount of pearl protein is 2-3 times than others on the market.
3.The contents of Amino acids, organic calcium, and trace elements are much higher than others brands.
4.The particle size distribution is more meticulous and uniform than conventional SHUI-FEI method.
5.Per proved the absorption is very fast . The serum calcium can peak up to the highest standard after 2 hours’ intake and also could retain the effectiveness more than 6 hours.
6.100% Naturally , without heavy metals.

Choose high standard pearl powder as raw material .The produced by internationally renowned enterprise-Lucoral & Lupearl which has been engaged in this filed more than 40 years. All pearl are bred in clean seawater, specifically choose the jewelry grade ones with higher activity to processing.

This raw material is processed through conventional method, all quality assurance steps we take expect to purify the complete essence

Ultrasonic waves of high intensity ultrasound generate cavitation in liquids. Cavitation causes extreme effects locally which will help comprehensively clean surface of pearls and get rid of the pearl’s unique odor.

The use of liquid nitrogen as the grinding media, to achieve ultra-low temperature grinding could avoid pearl powder from qualitative change in higher temperature. This technology will guarantee to collect the finest pearl powder in particle size and characters.

1. Patented low-temperature procedure
2. The inspection report of non-Heavy metal
3. Report of Hydrolyed Amino Acids
4. Report of Pearl powder’s particle size.

How to use

Mix 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon pearl powder into your favorite beverage and drink. Do this daily


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